Jewellery Care

The majority of our designs here at Stamped On Jewellery are handcrafted with 316L Stainless Steel. Occasionally we will use other metals such as aluminium and sterling silver. Each metal has different properties and different care should be taken with each.

Stainless Steel is a durable, easy care metal making it ideal for jewellery. It will not tarnish, rust or change colour. All of our orders include a complimentary Microfibre Polishing Cloth that can be used to clean your jewellery. Avoid contact with perfume, sunscreen, lotions or chemicals. If you have a lot of built up grime or your piece is looking a little dull, gently wash it using warm soapy water and pat dry with a soft cloth. Do not use jewellery dips or jewellery cloths as these can damage the surface of the pendant.

The process used for our Gold and Rose Gold Stainless Steel pieces is called Ion Plating (IP). The centre of our items are high grade stainless steel and the outside has a layer of titanium oxide, which can be used as a pigment (gold, rose gold). The IP process turns the titanium oxide into electric ions which becomes a harder and more durable coating with a higher brightness than that produced through traditional plating methods. With the correct care, your IP jewellery can look great for a long time. It is important to note that even though the ion plating is durable, over time it will show signs of wear and fade. To keep your jewellery looking it's best we recommend storing in an airtight bag or jewellery box when not in use. To clean, simply wash with mild soapy water and dry with a soft cloth or you can use the microfiber polish cloth included with your order.

Our coloured Aluminium gift range is remarkably easy to care for. We use this metal on keyrings and our Christmas tree ornaments. The anodised coating on the aluminium is what gives it the colour. This coating is very durable but can become scratched especially when in contact with other metal (such as keys). It will not tarnish and there are no special care instructions for this metal... if it becomes dirty, just gently wash with soapy water and pat dry.

We have a limited solid Sterling Silver collection with more designs to be added in time. Sterling Silver may tarnish and oxidise. This is a natural reaction to chemicals in the atmosphere, heat and the body oils of the wearer. Discoloration can usually be removed by careful use of a good quality jewellery cleaning cloth. Contact with perfume, hairspray, chlorinated or salt water or household cleaning products should always be avoided. When wearing, simply follow the golden rule “Last On / First Off". Put jewellery on last so that it is not sprayed with perfumes and hairspray. Take it off first, before your clothing and before going to bed to avoid it being snagged or crushed. 

14K Goldfill jewellery is made mechanically bonding a layer of real gold using heat and pressure onto a base metal. Because the outer surfaces of Goldfill items are real gold, they have the same look as solid gold without the hefty price tag. With proper care goldfill items will last for years with no chipping, discoloration or wear such as you would get on a plated item.