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Let a loved one know how much they mean to you with one of our personalised wallet card inserts.
This aluminium card is a wonderful gift that can be carried with the recipient as a constant reminder of how much they mean to you. The wallet inserts can be hand stamped with anything you like - a beautiful sentiment, favourite poem, contact details, kiddies names and birth stats... the possibilities really are endless.

Now available in a range of colours - Light Blue, Pink, Purple and Silver.

Wallet insert measures approx 89mm wide x 50mm high and is 1.27mm thick. Can be stamped on one side only in either landscape or portrait format.

Personalised jewellery... created for you with your loved ones in mind ♥

​Our coloured Aluminium gift range is remarkably easy to care for. We use this lightweight metal on keyrings, wallet cards and our Christmas tree ornaments. The anodised coating on the aluminium is what gives it the colour. This coating is very durable but can become scratched, especially when in contact with other metal (such as keys). It will not tarnish and there are no special care instructions for this metal... if it becomes dirty, just gently wash with soapy water and pat dry.

Aluminium wallet card insert - Stamped On Personalised Handstamped Jewellery

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